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  Check out these few examples we will buy. If it's gold, platinum silver or another precious metal, Royal Gold Buyers will buy it! 
  Welcome to Royal Gold Buyers, the leading Gold, Platinum, and Silver jewelry buyer. We provide an opportunity for you to sell Gold, Platinum, and Silver jewelry for cash whether it is old, broken, or just unwanted. We provide our cash for Gold, Platinum, and Silver services at absolutely no risk to you; we will return your merchandise (free of shipping) if you choose not to accept our offered payment. 
Here are a few examples of items Royal Gold Buyers will buy:
Bracelets Necklaces
Dental Work Watches
Coins Rings & Earrings
  Selling Gold, Platinum, and Silver Works with Royal Gold Buyers 
  Are you ready to get cash for your Gold, Platinum, and Silver? Our process is very simple. Fill out our form requesting our gold kit. Our kit includes everything you need to sell your gold or platinum silver and comes within 24 hours of your request. 
  To sell us your gold or platinum silver, please fill out the form at
the top or call us toll-free at 1-877-123-4567.
  There's a reason we receive over 1,000 orders a day
  Our shipping process is Free, Safe and Secure. Send in your cash for gold items in our secure return envelope. Packages are insured up to $1,000 or more.
How much cash can you get when you sell gold? The amount of money is determined by the quality and quantity of the gold as well as the ongoing market rate for gold.

Let’s take a walk through our cash for gold process: 
1. When we receive your cash for gold jewelry package, we inventory all of your items.
2. Next, our team of gold professional appraisers will test your items in order to assess their composition and purity (the quality content).
3. Then, the cash for gold items are weighed to determine the exact amount of items received (comprising the quantity content).
4. Finally, based on our experienced appraisal of your cash for gold items, we will determine a payout value, which is based on the trading price of the specific metal on the day your Royal Gold Buyers package was received. A check for our offered amount will be sent to you right away.

As stated, our cash for gold service is backed by our return policy; we will return your gold (of no charge to you) if you are not completely satisfied with our intended, cash for gold payment. 
  Once you have completed the sell gold for cash form on our site, Royal Gold Buyers will send you an email confirming your request for our package and detailing what you will need in order to get cash for your gold.

We will provide you with a durable and secure, pre-paid return envelope to use to send in your gold jewelry items.

Once your cash for gold package arrives at our state of the art facility, we will analyze your gold and assess a value depending on the weight and purity of your items as associated to current market rates. Royal Gold Buyers will then process and mail your check within 24 hours of your agreement on our assessment. Customer service is our first priority. If you are satisfied with our payment, then cash the check; but, we will return your items with no charge to you if you ultimately decide not to accept our offered, cash for gold payment.

Your satisfaction is Royal Gold Buyers’s top priority. Royal Gold Buyers will return your cash for gold items (free of charge) if you choose not to accept our offered payment. In addition, if you decide you are unhappy with your cash for gold payment (for any reason) after the transaction has expired, you can return our check within 10 days of the date on the check. After we receive the check, we will return your original, cash for gold items right away. 
How much will I be paid for my gold or silver?
I don't have much gold. Should I
wait to send you a larger amount to you?
What happens if I am not willing to
accept your cash for gold offer?
The price of gold is constantly fluctuating. We base our cash for gold payouts based on the price of gold on the day we receive your package. We address each shipment individually. After your gold is assessed for quantity and quality, we will contact you with a cash for gold offer.
Currently, the price of gold is at an all-time high. We have no minimum requirements associated to our cash for gold process. Our process is completely free of risk for our customers. Simply send in any amount of gold, and if you're not completely satisfied with our intended payment, we will simply return your cash for gold package free of charge.
There is no obligation to accept our cash for gold offer. If you decide not to accept, we'll send you your items back free of charge. If you originally accept payment and then decide to keep your cash for gold items, you can return our check within ten days and we will return your items to you free of charge.